Setting Up a User

New Users

Users can be set up by a Client Administrator and can be given various levels of access to the platform depending on the role assigned.
To set up a new user, please follow the steps below:

1. Access User Management

In the Limelight Dashboard click on your username and select Manage Users from the dropdown.

2. Create New

From here, you will be able to click  Create New which will open a dialogue for your user preferences. Select Create Single User and click next:

3. Provide the  User Email Address and click next:

Create New User - Step 2

4. Fill in the  First and Last Name and click next:

Create New User - Step 3

5. Select a  single user role or group multiple roles together.  Click next:
Click here to learn more about User Role Settings.

User Roles

6. Select the brandsprograms, and projects you want to give access to and click Finish

Create New User - Step 6

7. An email will trigger to the assigned user to set up their password.

See the guide for step-by-step instructions with visuals.

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