User Role Settings

Our unique login systems allow each user access to only the information and capabilities defined by the client admin. To set up user permissions, follow the steps below:

1. Select a 'Single User Role" or group "multiple roles" together.

User Roles

App User App-only, log in - access is commonly given to Brand Ambassadors
Brand Analyst Enable: view analytics and session management pages
Disable:  create, update, edit - projects, sessions
No Access: project database, restricted from logging into the app
Brand Editor Can create and edit an existing microsite, application, and communication.
Can create, edit, and view list of Sessions for an event.
Brand Sales Agent Can log into the app and view their own database and analytics based on individual login.
Client Admin Super admin:
Can set user permissions, create a new project, and create new microsites, applications, and communications. Can view analytics, view database and edit an existing project. Can clone, archive, and delete projects.
Data Analyst Enable: view the database page for assigned projects.
Disable: create, update or edit - projects, sessions.
No Access: restricted from logging into the app
API Integration For external system integration – contact customer care for details.
Integration Admin Can create and manage internal integrations – contact customer care for details.

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