How to Push a Site Live

Publish Settings

When you’re ready to publish your website
1. Go to the Settings tab in the right-hand corner of the web editor (fig. 1.1)
    On the Canvas page, click on the cogwheel on the Website column (fig. 1.2)
2. Under Path > Click on Global Settings Page (fig 2.1)
3. Click  Add Domain and a URL form field will appear. (fig 2.2)
     - Enter in the site URL you’ve been provided by your IT department or one that you’ve purchased online.  (fig. 2.3) 
     - Website domains will always contain HTTP:// or HTTPS:// and must be entered in the following format “”
     - Save. Publish.

fig. 1.1 - Settings tab

fig. 1.2 - Cogwheel

 fig. 2


fig. 2.2.                                                                                      fig. 2.3

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