Filtering for Sessions

Filtering for sessions allows you to send specific information to registered attendees. Filtering for sessions can be used for the following email types:

  • Confirmation (Triggered)
  • Reminder (Scheduled)
  • Thank You (Triggered or Scheduled)

Follow the steps below to filter your emails to send to communications to attendees who have registered to a session.

How to Filter for Sessions
  • Enter into your Email Builder
  • Click on the Settings tab in the top right corner of the Builder
  • Click on the Filter Recipients tab from the side bar. This will open the filters module.

The Filter Recipients module allows you set rules that send the email to only those who meet specific criteria. For this example, the attendee must meet the following criteria:

  1. Attendee has selected a Session
  2. Attendee status is “Registered”
  • Click on the first dropdown menu under Rule 1. This dropdown menu lists all form fields used within the registration page.
  • Select “Session: Selected Session” from the dropdown menu options.
  • Click on the third dropdown menu to select a specific session.

The first rule has now been set up. You must set up the second rule pertaining to the Registration Status to complete the filters.

  • Click on the Add New Rule button. A list of new dropdown menus to set the rule will appear.
  • Under Rule 2 select “Session: Registration Status”from the first dropdown menu.

Click on the third dropdown menu to select a value. You will notice the status has three (3) options:

  1. Waitlisted: An attendee has registered for a waitlisted session and will be alerted if a spot becomes available
  2. Registered: An attendee has been registered to a session
  3. Cancelled: An attendee has cancelled their registration
  • Select “REGISTERED” from the dropdown menu options

You now have all the rules needed to send your email to an attendee who is registered to a session.
To review:

  1. Rule 1: Attendee must have selected a session
  2. Rule 2: Attendee’s status is “Registered”

Ensure you save your email edits by clicking the Save button at the top left of the Builder.

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