How To Cancel An Attendee’s Registration

Follow the steps below to cancel an attendee’s registration on the Platform.

Cancel Registration
  • From the Dashboard, enter into the project Database.

Once in the Database, locate the attendee you wish to cancel. Notice the attendee’s Status column is set to “Registered“.
  • Click the Blue Pencil Icon beside the attendee name to edit the attendee information.

Locate the Session Registration Status dropdown menu at the bottom right of the grey box.

  • Click on the Session Registration Status dropdown menu to open all options.

You will notice three (3) different Status options within the dropdown menu:

  1. Waitlist
  2. Registered
  3. Cancelled
  • Select Cancelled from the dropdown menu options.
  • Click the green Update Record Button to save your changes.

Once all changes are saved within the Attendee Information, the page will redirect back to the Database. You can now see the attendee’s status has changed to Cancelled within the Status Column.

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