Database Overview

What is the Database Page?

The Database page is where all the leads captured information is stored.

How to Access the Database

To access the Database, on the canvas, go to the upper right-hand corner and select "Database" from the dropdown.

What you can do from the Database

1. Import data
2. Export data
3. Select Columns
4. Filter Data
5. Edit entries
6. Select Form views
7. Count number of entries

1. Import

You can import .csv format spreadsheet should you have an existing database that you'd like to upload to your event.
To learn more, see Importing Data to the Database

2. Export

  • You can export the database, which generates a .csv format spreadsheet. 
  • Selected Data Forms can also be exported via selected forms from the "Form" dropdown
  • To learn more, see Export Your Database

3. Select Columns

Click on this button if you would like to select columns you'd like to view

4. Filter Data

You can use this to search and view data within a specific(s) column(s)

5. Edit entries

You can edit individual entries by clicking on the pencil icon on the leftmost column

6. Form

  • You can select which forms to view by clicking on the "Form" dropdown
  • You can also export a specific form, which would be part of the entire database, by selecting from this field

7. Count number of entries

You can view the number of entries on the bottom of the table of the database
If you select a particular "Form" then this would reflect the number of the entries in that form

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