I’ve already sent an invite email, how do I use that email again to send to a new list?

Once a scheduled email is published, an email list can no longer be uploaded nor can the email be edited. However, we can clone the email, which creates a new editable version, you can upload a new list to email to. 

Cloning an Email and Sending to a New Email List

For more details on cloning an email, view how to clone an email.

1. From the project Canvas under the Communication column:

  • Scroll to find the email you wish to re-send
  • Hover over the email and click the sheep icon to clone the template
  • Name your new email
  • Click Confirm to continue

2. Once your email has been cloned, you will be directed to the new email's editor.  Here you can modify your email settings, edit copy or images and adjust any filters as needed.

3. To upload your new email list:

  • Go to Settings (top-right) > Recipients (left side panel)
  • Drop-down menu Uploaded List. Upload your CSV.
  • Click Save

4. Once you are ready to deploy your email:

  • Click on the Schedule tab (top right).
  • Set your deployment date and time.
  • Save and Publish.

Your screen will automatically redirect to the Canvas. You can then see the newly published email listed under the Communications column with a timestamp indicating your deployment settings.

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