iOS Release 2.11.0

New features:

1. Auto-complete for email fields

When entering email addresses in the app, the system attempts to auto-complete the domain portion of the email. This feature is invoked when a text field is named “email” or is enabled with “Email Address” validation.

2. End of journey notification

When a journey is completed, a self-dismissing success message is presented before resetting the form.

3. New picklist and date pickers

New focused date and picklist pickers present themselves in the center of the screen, rather than the iOS standard behavior of showing up at the bottom of the screen

4. Text search bar in picker

For picklists with more than 15 option values, a text search bar appears in the picker

5. Check in status filter

A new Check in status filter with options for “Checked in” and “Not checked in” is now available in the check-in app

Bug Fixes:

  1. Various memory management fixes
  2. Various display layout fixes

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