Multi Language Website

Limelight has the ability to create multi-language websites. You will need to get translations for all content and form fields in order to build the second language site. Once you're ready to start working on a new language, follow these simple steps:
  1. Once you've completed the English (EN) side, you can go in and add the template for the other language.  Just to be safe, go back to the Project Canvas using the GO TO drop down at the top right

  2. Go back into the web page Edit mode using the Edit button and once you are in the Edit mode, select your new language from the language toggle
  3. You will need to select the same template as the EN one in order to add the second language.  Click on the Template and then click on Use This Template button on the left. The system will refresh and now you will be able to see the same template with the language toggle changed to your second language.
  4. Go through each of the website sections to enter your translations and content in the second language on the page. For the Form fields section, you only need to edit the labels, since the values will transfer from the EN form.

  5. Once you have added all the translations and copies in the template, click on Save. The next step is to publish the sites.
  6. To publish the sites, each language needs to have its own URL and need to be published individually. Click on the blue gear like icon once you are on the Project Canvas and that will take you to the Global Settings. 

  7. Once you are in the Global Settings, click on Add Domain and paste the URL in the following format: in the field.  Click on Save and Publish. The first publish takes anywhere from 5-7 mins.

  8. Once it publishes, click on the language toggle and select the second language that you needs to be published.

  9. Put in the second URL and click on Save and Publish again to publish the language. Make sure it says the language name in the language toggle before you Save/Publish.

  10. Now that you have published your site, it is time to create the language navigation links on the web pages.  When you are in the Settings, click on the Add Link button once the site has been published.

  11. When the new window pops up, put in the URL for the first language in the URL section, add the Link Lable and select the Target to New Window.  Click on Add to Navigation and repeat the steps to add the second language URL. Once done, click on Save and Publish.

  12. Use the language toggle to go to the second language and repeat the steps above to add the language navigation to the second language as well.

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