Custom Reports Guide: Waitlisted Attendees

This guide provides instructions on building a custom report to filter registrants who are placed on the waitlist for an event.

The report can include any additional information from your web and app forms.

To learn more about creating general reports or accessing custom reporting, click here.

Building Your Waitlist Custom Report

  1. From the project Overview page, click the Overview button to access the slider menu
  2. Select Reports
  3. Under "My Reports," click the +New button.

  4. Select Consumer Info under the Report Type dropdown to see personal information of the attendees

  5. Under the Filters section, click + Add/Remove Filter to activate the menu and select Registration Status

  6. Select Waitlisted from the Registration Status dropdown menu

  7. The report will filter for only those attendees who's status is Waitlist.

  8. Add additional attendee information columns by clicking the + button on the top right of the report

  9. Click Save to save a copy of your report as a template to use again in the future

  10. Click Generate to download a .CSV copy of your report

  11. The .CSV file should look similar to this:

How To View The Waitlist Count

  1. If you only want to know the number of people on your waitlist, click the + button to add columns to your report. 
  2. Select the Session tab and scroll down to select Waitlist Count

  3. Follow steps 8-11 above to add any additional columns,  Save and Generate your report

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