Portal Release 2.36.0

New features:

1. Web conditionals

Fields on published web forms can now be hidden and/or made mandatory based on the user’s input in another field.   

2. Displaying Session Capacity on Edit Engagement Screen

On the edit engagement screen, the session picker now shows the session capacity.

3. Text search enabled for Sessions on Edit Engagement Screen

On the edit engagement screen, a text search is now enabled for the the session picker.

4. In-portal floating Support Widget

Within the portal, a floating support widget is now enabled on every screen. This widget allows users to directly access Helpscout articles without having to leave the portal.

5. Slider component can now support up to ten values

The maximum number of values supported by the slider component has been increased to ten.

6. Updated user interface color scheme and layout 

The portal has been updated with a new interface color scheme and layout. Some users may see inconsistencies in the user interface such as label misalignments. In most cases, this situation can be remedied by performing a  browser hard refresh.  

Bug Fixes:

  • Various issues related to SSI (Self Serve Integration)
  • Various user interface issues
  • Various user management related issues

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