Portal Release 2.37.0

New features:

1. Session filters for published websites

Session fields for published websites can now be equipped with filters for up to 3 session attributes.

2. Screensaver video upload

Within the canvas, it is now possible to upload up to 10 videos, each with a maximum file size of 100MB, to be used as screensavers on the iPad app. Video files must be of .mp4 or .m4v format. This feature requires iOS Release 2.14 or later.

3. Text alignment option for paragraph type field

Text alignment (right, center, left, justify) is now enabled for paragraph type fields on the published web.

4. Increased upload file size

The former limit of 10,000 records within a single import has been lifted.

Bug Fixes:

Various issues related to SSI (Self Serve Integration)

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