Portal Release 2.38.0

New features:

1. Option to remove or maintain placeholder when a field is conditionally hidden

Placeholders for conditionally hidden fields can now be maintained or removed, giving better options for layout configurations on published web and iPad app. (requires iOS version 2.15 or greater)

2. Cloning app features

App features can now be cloned within a project.

3. Delayed web publishing

Users can now request that web publishing be carried out overnight.

4. Media Carousel configuration

A media carousel can now be configured for the iPad app with a combination of images and videos (requires iOS version 2.15 or greater).  

5. Quicktime as valid video type for video form fields on iPad app

It is now possible to use videos with Quicktime content in video fields on the iPad app. (requires iOS version 2.15 or greater)

Bug Fixes:

Various issues related to SSI (Self Serve Integration) and general performance improvements

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