Portal Release 2.39.0

New features:

1. Dropdown filtering

The ability to filter a dropdown based on the value in another drop down is now supported. This is implemented using a new column called "Filter Criteria" in the dropdown field's options section. For dropdown filtering to work effectively, the string in the Filter Criteria column of the dependent (child) field should equal the string in the value column of the selected option in the independent (parent) field. Note: For 2.39.0, only lower case strings should be used in the value column for dropdown filtering to work.  

2. Seed Lists

In email configuration, it is now possible to configure up to 20 email addresses that will be notified when an email from the system is sent.  

3. Image Library ordered by descending last upload

In the image library for field configuration, the library is now ordered by media last uploaded. 

Bug Fixes:

Various issues related to CSV uploads, analytics. 

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