Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is the homepage of the platform where you are directed to upon signing in.

  1. Hamburger Menu
    1. Click to access Dashboard homepage
  2. Search field
  3. Favorites List
  4. Brand/Program/Event List
  5. Event Dashboard Overview
    1. When you select or search an event, the Dashboard displays a quick overview of its statistics
  6. Create New Event Button
  7. Username Management Dropdown

Event Dashboard Overview

  1. Event Name, Favourite Button ( ⭐), Date of Event
  2. Canvas Button 
  3. Overview Dropdown Menu for event details and options
    1. Overview
    2. Analytics
    3. Reports
    4. Sessions
    5. Database
    6. Integrations
  4. Event Settings
  5. Analytics Overview
    1. This is where you will find snapshot statistics of registrants, emails sent, web visits. For more information, click here
  6. Integrations Overview
    1. Consumer information captured using the Limelight database that can be pushed to your CRM
  7. Canvas Overview
    1. A snapshot of web, app, and communication (email/sms) pages built
  8. Email Analytics Overview
    1. A snapshot of correspondence statistics

Dashboard Navigation

  1. You can either search for your event using the search bar on the top-left corner or scrolling down the left window pane
  2. You can mark your event as a favourite using the blue star right beside the event name on the Overview
  3. Refresh
  4. Your event is now in the favourite list

    *For more on how to navigate the Event Canvas click here

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