Sunsetting Your Website

Sunsetting your website refers to closing your web assets so that programs are no longer active for the consumer. It's usually done after the deadline for the registration of a program or event has been reached. The ideal situation is to update the homepage copy so that consumers who visit the link late have a clear call to action, instead of simply a "Sorry the registration is now closed. 

There are 3 options for sunsetting a website:

  1. Adding sunset copy
  2. Adding a CTA to link to a parent site
  3. Closing the website completely

Follow the steps below when you are ready to sunset your website.

Create a Webpage with Sunset Copy

During your project set up, we recommend adding an additional page to your web flow to include sunset copy rather than updating your Home Page. This ensures no copy or information is deleted on the original home page in case you need to reopen the site. The sunset page can be set as the home page once the site is to be closed.

Follow the steps below to add sunset copy and publish as the homepage:

  1. Create your sunset page by cloning your home page so all static information is copied over.
  2. Hide any sections that are not needed such as the Registration Form and Thank You Message.
  3. Update the body copy with your closing message. For example: "Thank you for your interest in Sample Event. Registration is now closed." 
  4. Click the Settings tab. Within the Path section, click the checkbox above the URL path to "make this the homepage of the website." 
  5. Click Save, then head to the website Global Settings page to Publish your site.

CTA Link to Parent Website

In addition to any sunset messaging, you may also want to add a CTA to link to your parent website. This will draw users back to your company site and allow them to view further information on your brand and/or products.

Follow the steps above to add sunset copy (if needed) with a hyperlink within your text, or add a button with link to your parent site. Then Save and Publish when you are ready to sunset the website.

Close the Website Completely

We recommend adding sunset copy as your first step, and keeping that information online for a few weeks after your event. Once you are ready to shut down the website complete, follow the steps below to unpublish the site.

  1. From the Canvas, go to the website Global Settings page.

  2. Click the trash icon to delete the URL associated with the page

  3. A pop-up window will appear. Click the Yes, Unpublish button to finalize your settings.

  4. You will notice the Domain Path has removed the published URL.

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