Triggered Email

Based on a consumer’s interactions and activities, emails are triggered featuring timely and relevant responses.  A  triggered email is set up to send from a form.  You can find triggered emails by pressing the blue email button on a Microsite or Application form.


There are two types of triggered emails:

  • Form Submission
  • Data Record Update.

Form Submission

To trigger an email off of an action made by a user on web or app, select  Form Submission.  This is most commonly used for confirmation and photo emails. Form submission trigger email is triggered once a form is fully submitted into the database.  

Data Record Update

This feature is used to send a triggered email  based off of a record that is updated and saved on the platform. Data record update is most commonly used in situations where a submission is either approved or denied by an administrator and their profile is updated to reflect this action.  When the record is updated, an email will be sent depending on the option chosen.

A data record update can be done in two ways:

  1. For a check-in app, editing a pre registered attendee data on a form is considered a data record update.
  2. The data of a record is updated in the database.  vIt can be done be either changing a value or filling in a value to a blank field.

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