The mobile app offers vast flexibility in building and personalizing apps. Various form fields are available to collect information in the form that you desire.

App Form Fields

Field Descriptions
Text An open field for short answers (max: 100 characters).
Paragraph An open field for long answers.
Dropdown Dropdown Menu can have multiple options. User can only select one option.
Radio Button Displays multiple options. Users can only select one option.
Please note: Radio buttons are always placed within a white box. This box cannot be removed and cannot change colour.
Multiple Checkbox Displays single or multiple options. Users can select as many as necessary.
Please note: Multi-checkbox is always placed within a white box. This box cannot be removed and cannot change colour.
Single Checkbox Single checkbox option, usually used for opt-ins.
Camera Photo field used to access the camera feature.
Please note: The photo feature can only be used in Portrait Mode, not Landscape.
Signature Form field for creating a Waiver signature
Toggle Gives the user the ability toggle between two options.
Slider Ability to adjust a slider to answer their question based on the options provided.
Space The space between or beside form fields to adjust the look and feel.
Divider Bar used to divide sections of the app.
Date Picker Pre-populates day, month, and year for questions like birth date.
Button Button to take the user to another page, to end the journey, or submit a completed form.
Image Add images to the app form by selecting this field. Max size: 1280 x 720.
HTML Link copy to open an information box or a website.

Please note:

  • All text colour on apps is black. This cannot be changed to another colour. Please keep this in mind when designing an app background.
  • Mandatory fields are indicated by a red asterisk. The colour of the asterisk cannot be changed.