With Limelight’s new UI email builder, customize your emails with the drag and drop interface.

Access the builder in the header of the Communication column within the project Canvas by clicking on the New Email Designer button

UI Overview

First, we'll cover the basic features, starting with the initial interface upon entering the new UI.

  1. Event Name
  2. Type of Emails (to view, select and edit) 

    1. All: displays all emails within the event
    2. Triggered: displays emails that trigger from a form submission or a data record update
    3. Scheduled: displays all emails that will need to be scheduled too be sent at a specific date/time
  3. Sort emails by name or type 
  4. *This section is currently in development*
  5. Search for any emails created by name 
  6. Change how you view the emails list - toggle between block format or list format 
  7. Add a new email by clicking on the + button 

Building Your Email

To start on an email build, click on the + button (#7 above), input the name for the email and verify if the email will be scheduled or triggered. 

If the email is triggered: 

  1. Select which type of trigger the email will be
    1. Form Submission
    2. Data Record Update 
    3. Database Update
  2. Choose the form the triggered email will deploy off of 
    1. Webpage 
    2. App page 

Right-Hand Side Elements:

There are several sections to help you create your email. In this article we’ll cover the features within the left-hand side, the right-hand side and the top of the page. 

1. Layout: