Client administrators can edit a user to update personal information, update roles, and edit project permissions.

Access User Management 

To update a user, go to the Users tab in the right-hand corner of the Limelight Platform navigation bar.

Finding Users 

Filter the users by typing their information into the Search Bar on the right-hand side or by selecting a role in the Filter By dropdown menu and selecting the appropriate role.

Edit a user’s settings and permissions by clicking on the Pencil Icon to the left of their name.

Account Settings 

In this window, you can update account settings and personal information such as:
First Name, Last Name, or Email by editing the appropriate fields.

Manually reset a user’s password by clicking Reset Password 
Click Send Reset Password Email to allow the user to reset the password themselves.
Click here to learn more about Resetting Passwords.

User Role Settings
Modify user roles by clicking or unclicking on the checkboxes beside each permission description.

role settings

Project Permissions
Users can have access to single or multiple Brands, Programs, and Projects. Click on the Brand, the appropriate project, and then individual project checkboxes to give permission.  Press Save to finish.