A session is a time slot in which a user can select and register for an activity and are created at a project level. Individual sessions can have a capacity and waitlist functionality (in the event that the capacity is maxed) along with custom fields that you can. Session information can be used in sites, apps or emails.


A Test Drive Event may have 5 driving sessions for an attendee to select from. Each test drive session has a capacity of 4 slots, meaning only 4 people can sign up for that particular session. If the waitlist option is on, users are able to sign up for that session regardless if it’s full. If an attendee cancels their reservation, the next person on the waitlist will automatically be bumped into their selected session. If waitlist option is off, the user will not be able to sign up for the full session.

Viewing Sessions

You can view your sessions in two (2) ways:

  1. On the Dashboard, via the "Overview" button

  2. On the Canvas, via the dropdown on the top-right corner

Displaying Sessions

Sessions can be displayed in two ways:

  1. Dropdown Menu (web + app):  Sessions displayed within a dropdown menu show the session name with the option to display the session capacity as well. 

  2. Grid Display (web only):  Sessions displayed in a grid display lets the user see additional event information. The grid shows up to 10 sessions per page with customizable columns.