The Sessions Dropdown Menu is added to an app as a form field within the app form builder. Sessions Dropdown Menu is usually only added to the Guest List Attendee Form to indicate which session an attendee has signed up for. If an attendee registered from a website, the session will be pre-populated on the app. If an attendee signs up onsite, they are able to select a session from the Attendee Form when checking-in. Please follow the instructions below to add a sessions field to your app. 

Adding A Sessions Dropdown Menu:

  • Enter your project from the Dashboard.
  • From the Canvas, enter into the Guestlist app page.
  • Go to the Attendee Form section of the app page builder
  • Click the blue Add Form Field Button.
  • The form field type library pop-up window will appear. Select the Session form field from the options.
  • The Session field settings will appear. Change the Column Span settings to β€œ2 or 4β€œ. Change the Mandatory settings to β€œYesβ€œ
  • Click the Checkbox near the bottom left of the settings if you would like your grid to show multiple sessions.
  • Click the Open Session Builder Button to select your sessions to display.
  • The Session Builder pop-up window will appear. Select all the sessions you would like to display and then click Next.
  • In the Display Style window settings, the dropdown menu style is already preset.
  • Click the Next button to confirm your Display Style settings.
  • The next screen will show you an example of how the Session Dropdown Menu will appear. Click Done to save the Session Builder Settings. This will bring you back to the Session Form Field settings window.
  • Click Save to close the field setting window.
  • Drag your Sessions Form Field to the top of the form to reorder the fields. We recommend always having the Sessions Dropdown Menu at the top of your form so that selecting a Session is the first action a user will take.
  • Once all your form fields are set up, click Save and Publish.