This article provides instructions on how to enable the barcode scanning feature for form fields on the Limelight Platform iPad App. To learn how to download the Limelight app, click here.

With the 2.13.0 release, barcode scanning (Code 128) can now be enabled on a field by field basis. This setting resides within the Local Settings menu in your Limelight App. Once the setting is applied to a target field, a barcode icon will be visible in the field which will enable the user to scan, decode and populate the field with the value encoded in a barcode. You can also edit the text field once the data is input. 

Please note: This feature is activated for all text and number formats.  Special characters like @ and - are not readable. This feature needs to be enabled per iPad and per project.

Pro Tip: Always check the Apple App Store to make sure you have the most updated Limelight App version on your iPad.  

  1. To access the Local Settings, log into the Limelight App and click on the name of the project. Click on the cog wheel icon to the right of the program name.

  2. Click on the Barcode scanning option and select the fields that you want barcode scanning activated for. Once selected, click on the X at the top right of the  pop-up  and click on the project to go to the form.

  3. You will now see the blue barcode icon showing up for the fields. Click on the barcode icon to open the scanner.

4. You have the option to edit the field once the barcode information is read.