This article will show you how to download the Limelight app, log-in, and use the app both in online and offline mode. It's important to all stakeholders who are managing iPad devices or collecting data. 

There are currently 2 general categories of apps (Data Capture and Check-In App) with overlapping functionality:

  • All Apps have overlapping functionality including: data capture, waivers, license scanning, and photo booth.
  • Check-in App populates pre-registered guests into app to check-in and collected additional optional information. 

Download and Log-in

1. Download the app by following the App Download instructions

2. Log-in to the Limelight App

3. Once in, you'll be taken to the Event Selection / Home Screen, where you can select your event

*Limelight is an offline-first application: the iPad will be downloading and processing data for the entire event but this does NOT mean that data will be uploaded when it's offline nor will it sync. 

Home Screen

Below are the key elements of the home screen:

  1. Program: By clicking on the down arrow, you'll be able to see all home screen assets associated with the program
  2. Event: By clicking on the event, you'll be taken to the app (Data capture or check-in)
  3. Settings: By clicking on settings you'll be able to configure elements such as drivers license scanning, age gating, screensavers and more
  4. Info: Displays the Limelight App version and your login (E-mail)
  5. Sync:
    What is Syncing?
    When clicked, it sends the data from the iPad to the Limelight database and vice versa. The iPads should always be synced at the beginning and end of the day.

    Syncing while online:
    If you have connectivity (wi-fi, hotspot, or data), the app will sync automatically.

    Syncing while offline:
    You are able to use the app and can collect data offline. Before logging out, you must get connectivity and then click the main Sync button on the Event Selection screen to make sure all the data transfers back to the Limelight database. The data is not saved in the iPad if you log out. 
  6. Logout: Logs you out - make sure you're synced before doing this

Returning To The Home Screen

Option 1:

Swipe your finger along the iPad from left to right. The Exit Mode pop up window will prompt a password entry. 

*The password is the same one used to login to the App.