We recommend adding an unsubscribe link to your email footers to allow users to opt-out of communications. This is a CASL requirement for all Canadian companies. Use the steps below to implement our built-in unsubscribe feature within your emails. You can also set up an unsubscribe form to capture those who opt-out so you can alert your global brand marketing initiatives.

Enabling Unsubscribe Feature

  1. Enter into the email you wish add your unsubscribe link.
  2. Click on the Footer tab within the left side editor panel.

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  3. Type "Unsubscribe" where you want this text placed.
  4. Highlight the text and click the link icon within the text editor settings.

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  5. A link settings pop-up will appear.
  6. Within the “link type” dropdown choose unsubscribe.

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  7. Within the “Thank You Page” URL field, enter your unsubscribe link. This could be an internal unsubscribe page or an external global brand unsubscribe page. Ensure you select HTTPS:// from the Protocol dropdown if the domain is secure.

  8. Click the SAVE and PUBLISH buttons to implement your settings.

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PLEASE NOTE: Limelight’s unsubscribe functionality will only prevent communication sent through the Limelight Database and does not include outside marketing initiatives or databases for your Global Brand Unsubscribe.

Global Brand Unsubscribe

To ensure contacts unsubscribe from your global marketing database follow these steps:

  • Use the same process as outlined above
  • Instead of inserting a thank you page link, in the final step, enter a link to the page used to unsubscribe contacts from your other marketing initiatives
  • Save the communication with this external link

When contacts click the unsubscribe link they will be automatically unsubscribed from communications sent through Limelight. When they fill the form on your external unsubscribe link they will be unsubscribed from your global marketing initiatives.

Setting up an Unsubscribe Project

Limelight best practices include creating a separate project to capture unsubscribed contacts:

  1. Create a new project called “Unsubscribe.”
  2. Build a form with all the necessary information you need to access for all unsubscribed contacts. We recommend capturing first name, last name and email address.
  3. Publish your page.
  4. Use the link of this newly published unsubscribe form in the “Thank You Page” field outlined in the above unsubscribe link process.

This ensures all entries who unsubscribe from communications sent through Limelight Platform will be captured in your unsubscribe project Database for future reference.

Download the attached document for an in depth look into setting up your unsubscribe links.