To create Add to Calendar links, you will need to use a third party site such as AddEvent.  Through this service, you will be able to create calendar event links to include in the body of an email message to send out from the Platform.

If your event has multiple sessions, you will need to repeat the following steps for each individual session in order to create a unique calendar event link for the specific dates/times the event is taking place.

Creating Calendar Links

Please follow the steps below to create the calendar event link to place in your "Add to calendar" button on the Platform:

  1. Go to the AddEvent website
  2. Sign Up for a free or paid account
  3. Click on Dashboard button on the navigation bar

  4. Click the Create button, then select Event.

  5. You will be directed to a new page to add your event. Within the event settings, you can edit the time, date, notifications and other details. Once your settings are complete, click the Create button.
  6. Your browser will refresh to the Event Page with all the event details and links for your Calendar buttons.

  7. Copy the URLs for each calendar type and paste them into the Button URL field within the Calendar buttons section of your Limelight email.

  8. Save and Publish once your email build is complete.