In the General section of the Limelight email editor panel, you can edit settings for your email including:
  • Sender email address
  • Sender email name
  • Subject line. 

Without these details, you can not send a test email or publish your email.

Sender Email Address

The email address the recipient will see in their inbox. This can be address the recipient can respond to, or a no reply address so that people can't respond. We require this address to be approved by our Mail Sending Service which required you to set up your DKIM/SPF Settings - if you're not sure, please ask your Account Manager or email support@limelightplatform.com.

Sender Email Name

The name the recipient will see in their inbox - most people will see this in their inbox first.

Subject Line

The subject line the recipient will see. For the best deliverability, we recommend using a short subject line.

To set these up while you're editing your email, go to the General tab within the left side editor panel. Make sure to save once you've entered these 3 items. Once you've completed this, you can schedule a test email or publish your email.