It's easy to change an attendee's registration status through your Database. Follow the steps below to cancel an attendee’s registration on the Platform.

Database Overview

There are two (2) ways you can access your project's Database. Follow the steps below navigate to the  Database on the Platform:

1. From the Dashboard

  • From the Dashboard, enter the Project.
  • Click the Overview button to activate the slider menu.

  • Select Database.

2. From the Project Canvas

  • Click the Dropdown Menu from the top right of the navigation and select Dashboard.

How to Cancel an Attendee's Registration

  1. Locate the attendee you wish to cancel. Notice the attendee’s Status column is set to "REGISTERED“.
    Click the Attendee Row to open the Attendee Record Panel.

  2. The Attendee Record Panel will slide open. Click on the edit icon at the top right to activate edit mode.