Pulling session information is generally used within Confirmation Emails to let the attendee know all needed information for their registered event. Any information placed within the Session Builder can be displayed within an email using a simple system of tag names. Session information can include details such as:

  • Event Name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location Information
  • Additional Event Details

What Is A Session Tag

The image below shows a Session Profile which can be found in each individual session when on the Sessions page.

Session information can be easily pulled into an email with the use of curly brackets ( {{ }} ). Simply place the content field name into the email editor and the information will populate when the email is sent.

To pull in specific information, see examples below:

  • Session Title: {{sessionContent_title}}
  • Location: {{sessionContent_location}}
  • Details: {{sessionContent_details}}

To pull in custom fields from the Session Profile, combine {{sessionContent_}} with the “Info Title” you’ve set up.

To pull in custom field information, see examples below:

  • Date: {{sessionContent_date}}
  • Time: {{sessionContent_time}}
  • Address: {{sessionContent_address}}

Placing Session Tags in Emails

When the consumer receives an email, all session tags within the body copy will replaced with its according information listed in the Sessions Builder. Below is an example of how to insert session tags into your email body copy:

Dear {{firstName}}

Thank you for signing up for the {{sessionContent_title}}event on {{sessionContent_emailDate}} at {{sessionContent_location}}. You must present a valid Photo ID upon arrival to check into the event.

Thank You,

XYZ Company