Consumer information captured in the Limelight database, can be pushed to other systems to ensure the information is easily accessible through internal systems already in place.  The Limelight Integration Module is setup once to your specific data requirements and can then be replicated across the system for every Limelight project as part of your custom template.  

The path to successfully integrating Limelight with another system requires a thorough understanding of the current state, technical capabilities, and business rules.

We’ll work directly with your technical team on the specifics.  See Integration Requirements for details.

Integration Process

Using the sample output file received from your CRM server, Limelight will create an Integration Lead Program that will pass all lead information based on all business rules and special considerations required by your system. The output file will include information including (but not limited to):

  • All outputs that may receive data from Limelight Platform and a table explaining which field/element(s) of the file are mandatory
  • Any restrictions or known limitations of your system with respect to values
  • APIs we will use to interact with the CRM servers that are ingesting the data

The Integration Lead Program will first be tested on your CRM’s staging server and once confirmed, will be uploaded into your project on the Limelight platform. Limelight will be responsible for sending leads through based on the frequency agreed upon by both teams.

Field mapping

Within your Limelight project, you can map the data capture fields created for your web form to the specific system name fields identified through you API integration documentation.