Our unique login systems allow each user access to only the information and capabilities defined by the client admin. To set up user permissions, follow the steps below:

1. Select a Single User Role or group Multiple Roles together.

User Roles

App User
  • App-only, log in - access is commonly given to Brand Ambassadors
Brand Sales Agent
  • Can log into the app
  • Can view their own database and analytics
Brand Analyst
  • Can view analytics
Brand Editor
  • Can go into Canvas:
    • Can create and edit a microsite, app, and communications
  • Can create, edit, and view list of Sessions
Client Admin Super admin:
  • Can set user permissions, create a new project, and create new microsites, applications, and communications.
  • Can view analytics, view database and edit an existing project.
  • Can clone, archive, and delete projects.
  • Data Analyst
    • Can view the database
    API Integration For external system integration – contact customer care for details.
    Integration Admin Can create and manage internal integrations – contact customer care for details.