DNS Mapping

To push a site live you need to first purchase a domain. Your IT department can assist you with this process (we suggest using godaddy.com for extended support from Limelight, however your team may use a designated domain registrar).
DNS for subdomains:
ex: subdomain.example.com
We will send the details for your specific domain, as it may change from time to time. For your IT team, the details will be creating a "CNAME" record pointing to a provided domain
HTTPS is recommended; We will require: Country, State/Province, City, Organization Name, Department (not required); This is normally defined by your IT department, or is based on the company HQ
DNS for root domains:
ex: example.com
We will send the details for your specific domain, as it will change with each domain. For your IT team, the details will be updating the "NS" records for this domain.
HTTPS is recommended; Because we will have NS records, we can assist in creating the SSL Certificate;

On the Platform

Enter the site URL into the URL section of the Web Editor under the Settings tab.
Then press Save and Publish
We suggest you use the following format:  http://subdomain.yoursite.com
Publishing a site may take up to 24 HOURS to propagate, however it is usually ready within minutes.
Once the site has been pushed live, feel free to make edits and Save and Publish again to view them automatically.
NOTE: Some settings and images may save within your browser's cache. To refresh your page and ensure changes appear please press the following key combinations simultaneously. We suggest you hard refresh your page to avoid this.

Using the root domain, or an SSL certificate

If you prefer to use the root domain (i.e.: http://yoursite.com) or to use an SSL certificate (https://yoursite.com) to make your site secure, please contact your Customer Success representative or support@limelightplatform.com.