What is a token?

Token URLs can be used to track a consumer's path via a link typically embedded in an email.  For example, your email marketing campaign may involve sending targeted messaging to different consumer segments.  Within the body of each email communication, you may want to include a URL directing consumers to a registration form. A unique token can be added to the end of the URL to create different links in each email.  Doing this will allow you to track which consumers came from which email.

Here are examples of a token URL for multiple people registering for a world cruise:



In this example, email1 and email2 are the token values added to the end of the URL.  When a consumer clicks on the URL, pointing to a Limelight registration form, the token value is appended to the consumer's engagement record in the Limelight Platform.

To make a token of your own, just create a link, with ?token=anythingGoesHere. You can put any content, however we recommend using letters, numbers and/or dashes) after the '='.

If you require a token for your project please contact your Limelight Platform representative to setup tokens. Once the first token is setup, you can make as many as needed.

Testing tokens

To test a token, simply use any browser to access the link you will be providing to your consumers. Go to the form, and enter your details as though you were a consumer. Once you've successfully submitted the form, check your entry in the project database.