You can access the Event Overview by simply clicking on the event name on the left-hand panel OR by searching.

From the Event Overview, using the "Overview" button which enables a pop-up window on the right side, you can access the following:

  • Analytics
    • Overview
    • Sessions
    • Channels
    • Integrations
    • Responses
  • Reports
  • Sessions
  • Database
  • Integrations

To access the Canvas, simply click on the "Canvas" button right beside the "Overview" button.

Canvas Overview

The main canvas is where we can edit pages and other components of our events.

  1. Takes you back to the Dashboard
  2. Name of Event
  3. Takes you to User Management
  4. Dropdown to access:
    1. Analytics
    2. Database
    3. Dashboard
    4. Users
    5. Sessions
    6. Integrations
  5. "Who Has Access" - clicking this will enable a popup that will show you the users who have access to the app(s)
  6. Website Trigger Email(s)
  7. App Trigger Email(s)
  8. Click on the pencil icon to change the name of the page and/or scheduled email
  9. Click to add a new web page
  10. Click to add a new app page
  11. Clicking on the blue mail button will add a new email. Clicking on the orange button will enable instant support