When you enter into your project, the first page you will land on is the Project Overview page.

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1. Canvas: access the project canvas to edit your project
2. Overview Navigation: this navigation side bar can access the following:
  • Analytics
    • Overview
    • Sessions
    • Channels
    • Integrations
    • Responses
  • Reports
  • Sessions
  • Database
  • Integrations
3. Project Global Settings: edit project settings such as the project name, timezone, enable ticketing...etc.

Canvas Overview

The project Canvas is where you can edit pages and other components of your project.

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  1. Go to the Dashboard
  2. Platform Navigation:
    • Analytics
    • Database
    • Dashboard
    • Sessions
    • Integrations
  3. Go to User Management
    • "Who Has Access": clicking this will enable a popup that will show you the users who have access to the app(s)
  4. Website Global Settings
  5. App Global Settings
  6. Triggered Emails: can be implemented on both web and app 
  7. Add a new web page
  8. Add a new app page
  9. Add new Scheduled Emails