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Videos and Tutorials

Get started with our 2 minute how-to videos

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A quick reference for the most common hurdles

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User Management

Understand user types and how to assign them across a project

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Create Your Website

Create and publish sites that power your live marketing experiences

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Website Templates

Get an overview of the different templates and which ones you should use

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Build Your Onsite App

Build apps for event registration, check-in, and surveys without coding

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Adding Sessions to Your Project

Adding activities for your users to signup for specific time slots at your events.

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Write headlines and buttons that users will want to click

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Set Up Your Email Communications

Use triggered and scheduled emails for impactful communications

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Measure Your ROI

Make smarter future business decisions by understanding your current ROI

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Report on Your Data

Generate the right custom report to communicate your objective

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Analyze Your Data

Understand the numbers that matter for different elements of your project

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Navigating Your Database

Import, export and edit data collected before, during and after an event

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Release Notes

All the latest updates on the Limelight Platform

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Technical Documents

All the nuts and bolts that makes everything work

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